Drywall Termites: What They Are and How To Spot Them

Drywall Termites: What They Are and How To Spot Them

Drywall Termites: What They Are and How To Spot Them

Florida has some exotic bugs: “No-See-Ums,” Wolf Spiders, and Dog Flies. We know to steer clear of these pesky critters as best we can. We are also pretty well-aware of their geographical residence and how to get rid them. But these are not all of the common bugs that inhabit this beautiful, sunny state. The Drywall Termite is a quite pest. We need to become familiar with them- before they become familiar with us. Let’s take a look at these bugs and how to prevent them from wreaking havoc in your home.


What Is a Drywall Termite?

We all cringe when we hear the word “termite.” For some of us, our minds go straight to our favorite childhood cartoon where the teeny-tiny dot of a bug starts eating away at the home of Daffy Duck. Unfortunately, these aren’t the annoying yet funny little bugs we laughed at. Drywall termites pose a serious threat. Drywall termites are creamy white in color, about ⅜ to 1 inch long, and have 6 legs. They are found in warmer climates and inhabit sound wood above ground. They don’t need soil to survive, as they thrive primarily on well-moistened wood. They generally swarm during the hot summer evenings.


Termite Terrain – Spot Them, Rid Them

According to a University of Florida study, it’s estimated that over $20 million dollars worth of damage is reported annually from homeowners who have encountered termite trouble. To spot a termite colony, you have to look for feeding markings with a pattern or “against the grain.” They can also infest dry wooded areas such as interior wood trim, porches, flooring, furnitures, rafters, and other common areas. You can find them gathering in large numbers by window sills or light fixtures.


You can use some tips and tricks for the best hands-on course of action on your own, but without the help of a professional, chances are you will have a timely expense on your hands. You’ll notice during summer and spring time when these pests become an active problem (if not taken care of right away). To avoid these problematic pests, store all fire wood at least 15-20 feet away from your home and be sure to seal up any cracks or damages found around your home. In order to properly get rid of these terrible feeders, contact your local pest control expert. It helps to know that you’ve identified a drywall termite problem, and now it’s time for a professional to complete the extermination process.

Sometimes it’s impossible to be sure a drywall termite is what you’ve spotted. Again, the help of a pest control expert can ease your worry. Perhaps you have a concern or question about other pests that might be inhabiting your home. For pest control services in Jupiter, call us today for more information and a visit from our professional staff!

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