Pest Control

Pest Control Service:
We understand that you want your home and lawn completely insect free!
Our service protects your home and your lawn, GUARANTEED!
Preventative treatments are performed outside your home where insects try to gain entry.
We will never apply insecticides inside your walls or all over the inside of your home.
Our treatments are completely odorless and safe for adults, children and pets.

Your First Appointment:
• To begin, one of our state certified technicians will complete an inspection and evaluation of your home and yard.
• Next, your initial service will include the inside and outside of your home as well as your entire lawn.
• Any follow up treatments that may be required to control a problem are included at no additional cost.
• All of your future preventative treatments are performed outside of your home every other month.

100% FIRE ANT CONTROL, GUARANTEED! Protect your family from painful stings!
Never aggravate an ant mound, call the professionals at Coastal Pest Control of the Treasure Coast, Inc.

Fire ants sting repeatedly and will attack anything that disturbs their mounds or their feeding. The stings will burn and itch. DO NOT SCRATCH the stings! They will usually heal within a week if properly treated. Scratching the affected area may lead to infections and permanent scars.

Small animals and birds can also be attacked by fire ants. Fire ants can nest in electrical equipment such as your air conditioner, pool filter motors, and irrigation equipment. They can short out electrical equipment by chewing through insulation.

Protect your family, lawn, and your home’s electrical equipment with a preventative insect and pest control program.

A fire ant colony could contain up to 500,000 ants. That’s only one colony and your lawn could contain several colonies.
Fire ant mounds in your lawn can have tunnels that extend in all directions away from the mound just under the surface. These tunnels can extend out for 200-300 feet and be located in preferred sunny areas such as parks and lawns, and all of South Florida. These tunnels are the reason that Coastal Pest Control of the Treasure Coast, Inc. utilizes safe surface treatments that control fire ants and will still break down in 45-60 days without entering the soil or moving away from the targeted treatment area.

Residential interior pest control is always guaranteed at no extra cost, if you ever need us.
Depending on the issue, your initial treatment can include baiting an insect inside your home. Walls and attic voids can also be treated if necessary, but we will always try to control insects from the exterior. If inside services are needed, they are included in your initial service price. Communication with our customers is very important to all of us at Coastal Pest Control of the Treasure Coast, Inc. You will always be notified prior to our service appointment by:

• Telephone Call
• Text
• Email
• Just let us know what you prefer : )