Rodent Control

Rodent Control Service:

Rodents need three things to survive; a food source, heat source and an area to nest. All rodents can climb walls, usually jump up to three feet and can drop from heights of 50 feet without injury.

Rats can fit through a 1/2 inch opening or a little smaller than your thumb. Mice can fit through a 1/4 inch opening or about the size of a pencil.

Coastal Pest Control of the Treasure Coast, Inc. will find all pathways no matter how small and seal them. We will eliminate rodents from your home quickly and safely. We will place preventative measures to control populations in outdoor areas prone to rodent activity. Our technicians have been certified by the State of Florida for rodent control. All rodent control services are safe for children, pets and wildlife.

At Coastal Pest Control of the Treasure Coast, Inc. we use the following keys for rodent control:

1st: Talk to customer about the issue, listen for important clues.

2nd: Perform Complete inspections that are three dimensional, we inspect up , down and all around the structure.

3rd: Identify food sources, highest activity areas, and nesting areas.

4th: Talk to the customer about findings, measures taken and what to expect.

Rodent Access Elimination Services:

Coastal Pest Control of the Treasure Coast, Inc. will inspect all areas of your home and surrounding areas for any signs of rodent activity or possible points of entry around the exterior of your home or business. Then we will seal all points of entry and control the rodents from the exterior of your home or business. We offer community wide rodent control services.

Insulation Removal and Rodent Control Sanitation Services:

Coastal Pest Control of the Treasure Coast, Inc. offers insulation removal and sanitation services for homes and businesses. This is performed after rodents are eliminated and points of entry sealed. All soiled insulation is removed and the area is sanitized before new insulation is installed. This removes all rodent feces and urine and sanitizes the area which also eliminates unpleasant odors.